New SOTBMusic: Toronto Artist @MouseSucks Drops Two New Tracks

Toronto artist Mouse Sucks has a pretty eclectic style and has constantly evolved his style since debuting on the site with "Just Ate The Booty..." So, imagine a more lo-fi Ugly God if Ugly was just as focused on lyrics and the vibe as he was about getting his dick sucked on soft and Pokemon references. That's not a slight to Mouse if you're anti-Ugly, though.

Mouse is unique in his approach and he's got some nice flows and lyrics along with his eclecticism. "Jumping" is an example of the eclecticism at work. The song goes from a call-out for bad girls, then goes into a braggy track, then goes into a young woman moaning on the track after a few bars herself. It's something that needs to be experienced, if you're willing to open your mind even just a little bit outside of the norm. But, enough of me talking the tracks up before you've had a chance to really know Mouse outside of (maybe) "Just Ate The Booty." Check out his two newest tracks below and remember: support dope music in all its forms.

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