SOTBSports: Could the Wizards Live Without Otto Porter?

I'll keep this short. I know you've got some "real" hot takes to listen to.

Photo Credit: AP

As you probably already know, Wizards forward Otto Porter just received a mammoth deal from the Brooklyn Nets. I'm talking 4Y/$106M mammoth, which he definitely deserves considering his play the past few years. And, as expected, the Wizards probably will match that offer and he'll remain with red, white, and blue for a few more years. But, if they do the unexpected and let Otto Porter go, could the Wiz Kids (brought that back for a second) live without their newly-celebrated three?

Hell, no.

See, Otto Porter's evolution has brought something to the Wizards that they haven't had in a while: stability at all positions. With the possible exception of the Wizards moving Gortat at some point in the next year (maybe), the Wizards have had a stable core for the past two seasons and that's helped them evolve themselves into contenders. Should one of the pieces fall, we'll still get greatness from John Wall and Bradley Beal. However, it'll be a lot harder, since Otto helps alleviate some of the pressure put on Wall and Beal.

On Otto's side, with a team like Brooklyn, he'll have more chances to shine on his own. That's great and I'd love to see that happen. However, many of his three-pointers (part of his bread and butter play) have come on open shots--since people love to double up on Beal and Wall. He'd have to adapt his playing style and whatnot to match the expectations put on him. With Washington, he'll have a place and he'll shine just as brightly because he'll know exactly what to do and exactly what's expected of him.

In short, a deal to keep Otto in Washington is a win for everyone involved. Otto gets to play for a contender and still do his thing and Washington keeps the pieces together for another playoff run. So, Ernie and Ted, get to work. Match this contract--officially and quickly.

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