New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @ReggiePr1me Invites Listeners to SWIM

DMV-based rapper Reggie Pr1me hit my inbox with this one recently. SWIM (or Songs Written In Maryland) is both a collection of DMV indie who's who--with features from artists such as Super Nike Nando and Havana Seoul--and coming-of-age lyricism. The project is an homage of sorts to Pr1me's upbrining in P.G. County, and the P.G. definitely comes out on this one. Unique sounds and reflective-but-fun subject matter is the basis of this project. Sonically, it oozes "DMV" throughout and also features Reggie on the boards as well; he had a production hand in all but two songs out of the project. 

I'm a fan of anything DMV related and this project is one of the dopest I've heard this year, mainly because while it's fun, it's also very honest in what it's doing. This is a young man who's finding his place in the world and his music reflects that cautious optimism. So, check out SWIM below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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