New SOTBMusic: @KiariTheStone Raps About the PRMSLND in New Project

As mentioned in my review of "Wrong Reasons," Kiari The Stone got my attention because of his wordplay and his sing-songy approach to music. That vibe continues on PRMSLND, a project that takes listeners on a journey through what makes Kiari who he is while still offering tips to gain access to some sort of a promised land.

However, the road isn't easy--as showcased in Kiari mentioning things such as seeing his life flash before his eyes and witnessing death in "Smile 4 Me" and saying that he's got no love for himself (for various reasons) on "Run." There's also tips about not giving into every desire and urge you have. But, it's this vulnerability that kept me listening to this one. Well, that, and the lyrics are great and the production is top-notch and diverse, beat-wise; there's a mix between live instrumentation and electronic/computer-based production. So, check it out below (cop a copy online when it goes live on places other than Soundcloud) and support dope music in all its forms.

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