New SOTBMusic: @HEYITSLUKA Remixes Big Pimpin' In Anticipation for Papi Chulo EP

If you've noticed my Twitter feed over the past few days, you may've peeped a shoutout to Maryland-based artist HEYITSLUKA and his upcoming Papi Chulo EP. I had the chance to listen to it over the weekend and I really mess with it. So, perusing through his Soundcloud, I found this revision of the classic track "Big Pimpin'," entitled "Where You At?" It's a pretty tasty jam and doesn't besmirch the legacy of having Jay and UGK on the same track. Instead, it creates something completely different while giving the audience a taste of what LUKA is about: witty lines, some sing-songy stuff, and some legit singing. So, check it out below and remember to support dope music in all of its forms.

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