New SOTBMusic: @ItsGudini3590 is Wrecking the Game Like Tornadoes in New Track

There's something about this one that I rock with, even though it's not along the lines of stuff I'd typically post here. I believe that has something to do with the beat (produced by SLWJMZ, Hurricane Jamal, and 5PIECE) and the catchy factor of the hook. Well, that and it's a pretty enjoyable turn-up track. Gudini comes from the Toronto music scene (Mississauga, to be exact) and he wants to set himself apart from others Torontonian artists with his "hunger-driven vibes," as mentioned in the release I got on this one. Those vibes are definitely present in this one, along with some nice punchlines and a hypnotizing delivery. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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