New SOTBMusic: @Donnynnon - ARORA

I got this one in my email saying "if you don't like it, I'll PayPal you a dollar for your time." That's a dope marketing strategy. But, if my ears are what I like to think they are, DONAVON won't be giving much money out that way anytime soon. The track, "ARORA," is a combination of The Weeknd's earlier stuff mixed with a bit of Jeremih, if you're looking for a mix of that sort. Lyrically, it's a track about a woman of possibly dubious intentions who's got their eye on our hero, which--while tried and true--is a nice way to introduce yourself to the masses. I liked it, so check it out below, support dope music in all its forms, and be sure to have a great way to market yourself (or else your dope music may get left in the dust)

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