New SOTBMusic: @ThatsBlawesome and @H0T16MUSIC Tease Out Great Vibes on New Project

From Portland’s burgeoning music scene comes a creative statement in the form of Tease, the full-length collaborative album by singer-songwriter Blossom and producer HOT16. Tease shows the work of two sophisticated artists making their mark with an expertly-written, performed, and produced LP that will definitely find its way into your eardrums and heart with great production and beautiful songstress-y approach from Blossom, who found her way onto Spotify's "Feminist Friday" playlist recently.

Strong, black, and imbued with magic, Blossom shows depth & feeling in every note while HOT16’s soulful tracks work as the perfect backdrops for her beautiful odes to identity, empowerment, love, and its accompanying heartache. So, check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. This one is definitely a dope one because of its production and Blossom's songwriting and singing abilities.

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