New SOTBMusic: @artisthbtl and @myfabolouslife Avoid Wild Thots in New Remix

I came for the Fab verse. I stayed for A Boogie's sing-rapping AND Fab's verse. I know I may've had my jokes about Fabolous over the years, but the dude is consistently putting out dope tracks and remixes. He's found his niche and he's excelled in it, unlike some of his contemporaries. The "Wild Thoughts" remix, appropriately titled "Wild Thots," is exactly what you'd expect. A Boogie and Fabolous rap and sing-rap about crazy situations, chicks they want to avoid because they've found someone worth missing the thots over, and Fabolous dropping lines such as "just 'cause I play it Melo, don't mean you can trade me." Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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