The Broad City Season Four Promo is Lit

It's lit. I really don't need to say much about this one other than "yas queen." Better yet...

As you're probably aware by now (if not, check out my "Hooray for Diversity" comedy piece from last year), Broad City is my shit. Like, plain and simple. The show is witty, hilarious on a million and three different levels, and is one of the few shows that I'll straight-up fanboy over (the others include the possibly dearly-departed Underground, HTGAWM, and Gurren Lagann). On top of that, Ilana is fucking dope. Abbi's dope, too. But Ilana is on a whole 'nother level of dope.

Anyway, before I get to out there, the season four promo takes Abbi and Ilana and puts them in some pretty trippy-ass situations. Said situations include drug trips, new jobs, and what looks like a retirement resort in Florida with old ladies waving assault rifles in their morning routines. I'm here for the insanity. Plus, Lincoln's back, so my prayers have been answered. Check out the Jennifer Lopez-aided promo for Season Four below and play "spot the boss-ass cameos" as well.

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