SOTBSports: Chris Paul is Now A Rocket

Chalk this one under "I expected it, but it still surprised me."

Photo Credit: AP

Point guard Chris Paul was, today, traded to the Houston Rockets for Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, and Lou Williams. I'm surprised that Houston didn't throw a draft pick in there for good measure. This is one of those sums-of-all-the-parts trades to me. Houston wanted to pair Chris Paul with James Harden. The Clippers didn't want to lose Chris Paul for nothing (nor did they want to sign him to a mammoth of a deal next off-season). The pieces given for Paul are, as a whole, comparable for Paul (I mean, Lou Williams was almost Sixth Man of the Year, Dekker is a project that'll give DeAndre Jordan some relief--tentatively--and Beverley is sweet hotness defensively).

It all works out for everyone.

However, it's still one of those deals that shocks you, even if you expected it. This is definitely going to change the dynamic of those State Farm commercials. So, let's just use one of those to mourn the end of Chris Paul as a Clipper. At least next year, he'll probably be able to team up with The Beard to do one of these.

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