SOTBMusic: Ugly God's XXL Freshman Freestyle

Ugly God did his XXL Freshman Freestyle. And, I'll be honest. It made me chuckle a few times. Did it make me say "oh man, these are bars?" No. But, it didn't make me say "oh man, this is the dumpster juice you get after you piss out dumpster juice," either. It's not good, really...but it's not complete shit, either, and has a few moments of chuckle worthiness. So, I guess that's a win?

Will we hear from Ugly in a few years? Considering the luck most XXL Freshmen have...I don't know. But, at least let us all chuckle at (with?) this Pokemon-obsessed youngster's lines about getting a BJ "on soft."

...Yeah. I'm really starting to question if rap's for me anymore. This hip-hop shit is weird, bruh. Maybe I'm wrong, because at least Ugly's in on the joke of his music being on some sometimes trashy other shit. But, doesn't that make it worse? Probably, because the kid's willingly and knowingly peddling basura and kids are eating it up. Ugly's probably not for me, but his fans'll probably love this shit, so...again, it's a win (kind of).

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