SOTB on TV: @BroadCity - The OG Webisodes

In getting hyped for the fourth season of Broad City (FFS, August September can't come quick enough), I felt it was time to go down the rabbit hole and revisit the original webseries. It was great to see the evolution of the characters, the comedy, and the comedic timing. Additionally, it was great to see--like with the original Family Guy stuff--how much of the webisodes ended up in the Comedy Central version. For instance, the second episode has a similar plotline to "Pussy Weed," the second episode of the CC version--and one of my personal favorites.

Overall, I enjoyed myself through these twelve mini-episodes and found myself laughing so hard, I had to close my door like I was jerking off or something. So, if you love Broad City and never saw the OG series, check it out. It'll take probably an hour or so to make it through, but you'll see the natural progression. If you want to understand a bit more about me as my comedic tastes go (as if my "Hooray for Diversity" post wasn't enough--shameless plug), check it out and then binge the CC series. Your insides will thank me for it later.

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