New SOTBMusic: @wifisfuneral - JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap :(

Evoking Eminem is usually a good strategy if you're trying to say "yo, I can actually rap." That's where "new age" rapper Wifisfuneral goes in this retort to Joe Budden. I liked it, but I really wished that it was a lot longer than a minute of bars and 40-something seconds of intro. The beat bangs and has that older Em feel to it as well, but again, we're given more of an intro than the bars themselves. If Wifisfuneral can do more of this and less of...whatever it is that he usually does, we'll probably see the old heads say "oh shit, young boy snaps." If he doesn't? At least the "BARS!" guys got this one out of him.

Until then, check out the flows (bars start around 40 seconds) and support dope music in all of its forms.

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