New SOTBMusic: @sza - CTRL

You're probably expecting a whole-ass review of CTRL, SZA's full-length official debut album. You're probably expecting me to put a bunch of witty quips together on a screen, type out my feels and say that this album is the greatest thing to happen from the TDE camp since DAMN. dropped a few months back.

To that, I'll say this. You're not getting a full-length review out of me. Nor will you ever.

I love SZA and think that she, like folks such as Solange and Sade, is in a class all by herself when it comes to this music thing. She may not have the pedigree of either of the aforementioned artists yet, but there's no doubt that she'll get there. But, there's not much I can say to you that'll make you say "oh damn, let me check this out" that hasn't been said already. Seriously, since I'm kind of late on this (being a parent is a full-time job in itself), everything I've wanted to say has already been said.

There are great TDE features. The production is beautiful. SZA has an incredible voice. Travis Scott serves a great purpose here. The album captures the "Tumblr generation" perfectly, in that it deals with a lot of "the feels" in a way that is unabashedly blunt and naked. These are all things that other folks have already said. So, why waste my breath telling you what you already know about this one? It's the album that'll introduce SZA to the mainstream and put a lot more eyes on her. The question becomes this, in that case: does she continue to come out strong or will she shirk her responsibilities as a musical queen to accomplish something else in another realm?

Anyway, enough of me telling you why I can't review this one (even though I still reviewed this one). Check out CTRL below and support dope music in all its forms.

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