New SOTBMusic: @Mr_Camron - D.I.A.'s safe to say that Cam'ron's coming for...something with this one. What that something is, however, remains to be seen. Is he coming for his NYC crown or something bigger? Is he secretly dissing the new generation or is he reveling in it? I mean, the man raps his ass off over a classic-era Dipset-like beat on a track that's title is short for "Done It All." I think it's that he's hungry for some of the youngsters out here, spitting lines that make it known that he helped birth some of the sounds we're hearing from cats out here today. It's always great to see legends pop back up and pick up where they left off. While I still look at Cam oddly and/or awkwardly as hell for bringing "no homo" into the lexicon, there's no denying that the man can still spit, just as Ric Flair still put on dope matches when he was in his 50s.

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