New SOTBMusic: @KendrickLamar - ELEMENT.

Support dope music in all its forms. Figured I'd get that out the way before we get into this new Kendrick Lamar visual for "ELEMENT."

I wanted to post about this one before the folks over at Genius dissected every ounce of it and made this piece of art into an even deeper piece of art than even Kendrick intended it to be with their questions and somewhat answers. I missed the mark, but I'll do their job for them. For instance, why does Kendrick have a white tee covered in blood? Why is everything in slow-motion? Why is Kendrick mostly shrouded by darkness? Why are the nuns in white? Is that Kendrick flying off the building at the end or someone else?

All these questions and more are answered (to a degree) in "ELEMENT."'s video and will probably be explained for real by Kendrick at some point (possibly to Genius, to complete the circle). By the way, no...I don't hate RapGenius (I've used it to annotate my own lyrics). I hate the overzealous fans who take every breath as some over-the-top deep-ass meaning. Shut up and enjoy the shit, then analyze what's there (and what isn't) with some common sense.

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