New SOTBMusic: @DJKHALED x @rihanna x @brysontiller - Wild Thoughts

After a couple listens, I think it's safe to say that I liked "Wild Thoughts." I didn't love it, though. But, I am here for Rihanna and her new look, so I'm conflicted.

The video was dope and plays with a lot of red and blue hues (hello to my Haitian fam out there). Plus, there are fireworks in the video. The song itself, however, somewhat depends too much on the "Maria Maria" sample and never really establishes itself as its own thing. Yes, that's even as Bryson Tiller talks about making a woman have an intense orgasm then non-sequituring it to reference Wu-Tang. That could be because I'm listening with "old ears" and hold the original in such a high regard (it helped introduce a lot of folks my age to the genius who is Carlos Santana). Or it could be a case of the sample overpowering the energy of the new track. Either way, you may come for the song, but you'll probably stay mostly for the visuals.

However, even though I'm personally on the fence about this one, it's probably safe to say that Khaled's got another one...again. His kid's going to be set for several lifetimes; that's something you can not be mad at. Check it out below and remember to support dope music--and the doper music it samples--in all its forms.

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