An SOTBXXX Interview with @Elora_Sage loves to highlight those who get it in through circumventing the mainstream. The tagline of the site is "get to know the person, not the persona." So, I'm always down for shedding some light onto people who are doing the damn thing who may not always be as concerned with talking about themselves. Most of my interviewees prefer to let their work speak for them, which is great. But, sometimes, you need to get past that and let the person speak for themselves.

Now, I know it's early. But, you may want to put the kiddies to bed and read this on your non-work computer. That's right: we're bringing SOTBXXX back. Today, I got the chance to interview rising model Elora Sage on her start, paying for porn, dealing with preconceived notions regarding sexual preference, the government and other topics.

Taken from model's Twitter

The twenty-something got her start on MyGirlFund, selling pictures and videos before moving to camming. She specifically mentioned Chaturbate, where she's worked on and off for the past two years. While it's been "more off than on," being on more often is something she's definitely working at. Camming is something that she prefers to do with someone else, even though most of her shows are solo. She "prefer[s] to have someone to talk to when the room gets quiet [because] it can get awkward." During her scenes and elsewhere, Sage describes being dominated, such as through being choked, gagged, and called named, as being her "favorite by far."

When asked about crazy situations she's found herself in, Sage mentioned that she's been asked to meet up with someone so that they could "impregnate" her. While questioning that person's sanity and feeling uncomfortable, it seems that not too much can get to her in that regard. People will often "ask what [she is, ethnically]" because they have no idea that she is, in fact, a lighter-skinned Black woman. When the issue of race and camming while Black came up, she's mentioned that she hasn't dealt with much prejudice or stereotyping--except when it comes to who she's engaged with on cam.

"I have no preference on dick color," Sage, the self-professed hippie, explains. "So, it's odd that it's something that's assumed [that I don't like Black men] because I haven't done a scene with a Black man yet." Hammering home the point that the key word is "yet," Sage continued to say that these assumptions annoy her to no end.

Another thing that annoys Sage: folks who don't pay for their porn.

"We are entertainers [and] a luxury, not a right. [People should pay] just like when [they] pay to see a movie, buy an album or go to a concert. Watching 'free' porn is just watching stolen porn. That's trash."

We eventually came to "romphims" and President Trump. While she feels that "clothing doesn't have a gender" and people should "just chill," there's no chilling when it comes to Trump--or the government as a whole.

"I don't think that impeaching Trump will solve anything. There's another waiting in line, and another after that. The government is fucked. We need, more than anything, to stand together in this shit time because everyone [Ed. Note: emphasis added] is struggling. We are a family."

Eventually taking a lighter approach to questioning, I found out that Sage is willingly stuck in the '70s and '80s musically, with a few modern tastes here and there. She lists groups such as The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode and artists such as David Bowie as her favorites. However, she does dig the new Gorillaz album, which gives you a taste of what her ears favor. Not a bad grouping of artists at all.

The tatted model (she has "hopeless romantic" tattooed on her fingers as well as a bat and skull, roses, and a crystal ball--all for her "love of the dark and mysterious") also fashions herself a gamer.

"I've been playing video games since I was old enough to hold a controller. I still have my Game Boy Advance and GameCube, although I am a PlayStation person," she says. "Spyro is, by far, my favorite. But, I've poured hours of my life into Elder Scrolls and The Sims 4."

The Broad City fan definitely relates most with Ilana, lives in the moment, and has no idea what Girls is. "Yas Queen," indeed. One can only hope she keeps it that way. When asked about advice for other cammers, Sage has this to say: "take time for yourself and remind yourself of camming. It can be mentally tiring and, often times, mental health can be put on the back burner. Make sure to have some 'you time.' [Finally, you need to] be consistent, but be easy on yourself as well."

Elora Sage can be found on ManyVids and Chaturbate, as well as Twitter.

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