PA Vol. 52: A Discussion on @Logic301's Everybody and Influence

Today's PA is about Logic and influence (oh, and police brutality, racism, Donald Trump and a slew of other "nasty" topics). So, get your ears ready for some logic and your pitchforks ready to burn the town down.

Drizzle: Okay, so Steve Blum reappeared on Everybody. And J MOTHERFUCKING COLE!!! Okay, Logic put his foot in this one.

Speed: You sound like Mama Young. This, my brother, is what good music sounds like. This is what an album should be, not just a compilation of hot sounds and empty bars. So, I finally dropped my Everybody review and I still feel like I left some things out, purposely.

Drizzle: Because you did.

Speed: I know. I didn't want to give the entire album away for free. Fuck that. Dope music deserves to be heard. I mean, this is a packed album. I mean, like, it's on DAMN. levels of packed. What would I look like if I gave everything away? I'd look like a spoiler-ific asshole.

Drizzle: So...your review is "go listen to it." Gotcha.

Speed: Well, yeah. Go listen to it. Realize that it's deep as fuck. Form your own opinions on brotherman's plights in a gray world as a biracial man. Or look for the stories within stories the album has. I mean, I'm not gonna so out here and tell niggas to listen to garbage. My name has a bit more clout than that. But, Everybody is deep. The album cover alone may be deeper than some folks' albums.

Now, I've peeped it. Several times. But, like I said, I didn't want to give the entire thing away. Besides, when I wrote the review, I was in the middle of listen five being superdad and taking care of Baby Speed.

Drizzle: But, man, how do you make Juicy J prophetic?

Speed: Because he was on an album with Steve Blue, Logic, Cole, Chuck D and Killer Mike--just to name a few. You've gotta be prophetic in order to keep the fuck up.

Drizzle: Wayne probably would've sounded like a Harvard grad on this album. Shit, a Nas and/or Jay feature would've made the universe implode.

Speed: And a Kendrick verse would've killed all life in the multiverse. That's how intense this shit was.

Drizzle: Logic, Kendrick and Cole. All on one cut. Then ending it all with a Jay Z/Nas verse where they're doing the Jadakiss/Styles P crossover rap thing.

Speed: With production from Big K.R.I.T.

Drizzle: I'ma just leave this here.

Speed: If it happened, everyone would probably die from an eargasm. Like, legit cum out the side of their faces and tapping right into their memory banks. Shit, let's throw OutKast in there to complete the holy trinity of rap epicness.

Drizzle: Meanwhile, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Blum, Beau Billingslea and Wendee Lee talk it out through the outro.

Speed: The album at that point would be something like this...

I'd probably give my left nut to hear that. Well, maybe not mine, but someone's going to give their left nut. 

Drizzle: I'd give my own.

Speed: Fair. I mean, you probably only need one to ejaculate anyways. But, back to the album. It's dope as fuck. 

Drizzle: It's brought me to some realizations. The album and my life and et cetera. The thoughts invoked of being a mix of both.

Speed: You're talking to someone who's possibly racially ambiguous himself--to put it in PC terms--so I think I get it.

Drizzle: No, not that. I'm talking about the complaints about being mixed. They annoyed me. The whole world chose for us. Naw, it's the whole. Every act of hatred you act upon yourself. It drove me to thinking about the times I'd be listening to music and people'd run up on me like "why you listening to such low-energy music."

Why? Because I like art and not something I'll forget about next month. That usually goes into something along the lines of "well, can you change it to something a bit more upbeat?" THAT led me to thinking about how how I converse with some people about bad shit in the world. I.e, Trump, police shootings, politics, etc. 

And then someone else says "can y'all talk about something else? This convo's depressing me." Which brings us to yet something else: a tweet sent out. "The world sucks because you ignore it."

Speed: Well, it does. I'm not going to argue with that because, well, you're right. But, I will offer a counterpoint to your argument. Is it really our jobs to worry about everything? Our should we refine which causes we're going to go and get the most pissed-off about? I mean, we can multitask our anger and whatnot. But does that, ultimately, dilute our mission?

Drizzle: Life your life. But, when something comes to your attention, there's a reason. Will you be indifferent to suffering or will you actually give a fuck? People don't understand the relationship between insignificance and influence. It's the exact same thing as voting. You'd think an individual vote doesn't matter, but it does.

If, by virtue of knowing that more Black people come out to vote, then more politicians will care about the wants and needs of Black people. In that line of thought, if you care about something, you pay attention. When you pay attention, you click another website, you watch more newsreels, and so on. 

All this is tracked. So, when you watch it, whatever. But, when you and everyone in your city is watching? Well, now we have a crisis that matters to the public. Then shit gets done. I.e, when the internet cares about overbooking on airplanes, congress holds hearings. Meanwhile, when not even Black folks care about police brutality, it's like "them niggers made it up."

Speed: Also, fuck Curt Schilling. He knows why.

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Drizzle: But, if you're alone, you're insignificant in some ways. However, when you're with a group of people with the same frame of mine? You're gonna bring down kingdoms. When you care, you take another proverbial stone away from the mountain. So, you could care which, in nature, does something. Or you could not care and that hurts causes.

Speed: Well, if you don't care, in theory, you're doing more to harm the causes versus if you care just one iota. In theory, of course. In execution, there's gotta be more than just caring. Like, I care about Black Lives. That should be enough. Black lives do matter. However, it isn't enough to just care. Even with all the clicks in the world. So, what do you do? You protest, you resist, you do shit without all the buzzwords behind it. And you persevere to the best of your abilities.

Drizzle: Well, Roy D. Oliver was charged with the murder of Jordan Edwards. Arrested. Then out on bail. But, he was charged. 

Speed: May Jordan get his justice. Not to be cynical, but is it enough that Oliver was charged. When he's convicted, then I'll be happy. It's hard not to be completely cynical in a system that's failed us time and time again. 

Drizzle: But, keep an eye on it. Every day. An active eye. Every click matters. That's why Kim Kardashian still has influence. 

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