New SOTBMusic: @SpeedontheBeat - Name Up in Lights

Another loosie I reworked. Someone may think I'm about to say screw it and drop an album of old stuff. Eh, maybe not. A good portion of my stuff has been lost to the ages (and/or old computers that've been tossed and had nothing but graduation photos from high school and pictures of me and Ms. Pink Jacket and alldat). But this one had to be revisited, since we're always evolving and we always want the best for ourselves, even if it's not in the original path we saw ourselves partaking.

For instance, when I created, I was thinking more as an artist. As soon as the site blew up, I knew that I had a higher power and a higher calling than just my own music. So, the site evolved right along with me. Evolution is key. To evolve is to live.

Anyways, enjoy this one and whatnot.

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