New SOTBMusic Premiere: @Olumide301 - No Pain (Visuals)

Straight off Olumide's Two-Five project, today's premiere features the DMV artist mostly in a hospital room, rapping through the (alluded to) pain so he and his team can feel no pain and prosper. Olumide, if you didn't know already, can flow and "No Pain" is no exception. The track reminds me of a early 2000s Roc-A-Fella track (mainly something you probably would've heard Freeway or Beans spit over; that's great for me, since Freeway is still one of my favorite artists).

However, the track still feels fresh, even with the old feels. And besides, it's a video shot in a hospital. I can't think of many videos, mainstream or otherwise, that use that as a main focus, so there's a sense of innovation present. Track-wise, this one is a definite banger in my book. Check out the video below and be sure to check out Two-Five on iTunes and elsewhere.

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