New SOTBMusic: @jaywonderbruh - The Heart, Part 4 Ways

Orlando-based artist Jay Wonder recently dropped a freestyle over the first part of "The Heart Part 4." I went in thinking that I'd get some okay bars, but something that'd leave me wanting to listen to Kendrick's version more. And while I had that desire to listen Kendrick's version, it wasn't because Jay Wonder's version wasn't good. It was more so because I felt that his version was a sort of extension of Kendrick's, encompassing some of the feelings Kendrick's emoted over the past decade or so. While I wish that Jay would've gone in on the rest of the track, the loop of the first section serves its "I need to spill my soul out" purpose.

That's just my opinion on the track, of course.

Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

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