New SOTBMusic: @Gorillaz - Humanz

It's a Gorillaz album about the changing climate, politically and otherwise. Of course things are going to go to places unexpected. But, does that make it a classic in the making? I'll be honest. Not exactly.

The fact that it's 26 tracks (even if some are breezy little interludes and others are short tracks) will probably keep people away. As I've mentioned, many folks, including super-fans, now suffer from musical ADD. Longer projects have become less viable as they once were. Additionally, it's a project that, like Wale's SHINE, has moments of greatness...but doesn't fully capture what it should. The message is clear, but the execution sometimes goes to the wayside for artistic endeavors. 

I'd still give it a listen because it's a Gorillaz album. The previously released tracks warrant some replay and, in my opinion, I've never come across a Gorillaz project that's bad. But, will I continuously go back to it like I have stuff like Plastic Beach and their earlier works? Time will tell.

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