Happy Fifth Birthday to SpeedontheBeat.com

Five years ago, to this very minute, I dropped my first post on SpeedontheBeat.com (before I even owned the domain name and all that). For those who don't remember it (or didn't read it), I've linked to it here. As thrown together as it was, I never expected SpeedontheBeat.com to blow up even a bit. I thought it'd be a safe space for me to vent about my music and maybe throw in some pop culture chunks here and there. Five years, 1100+ posts, and over 850K views later, here we are.

SpeedontheBeat.com has become a safe space, but not just for me. It's become one of those sites you go to to get unique opinions on mainstream music, dope interviews with an eclectic bunch of interviewees (from adult film legends and social media starlets to underground rap legends to your not-so-run-of-the-mill indie rapper, I've seen a plethora of folks), and just an all-around dope place for opinions and topics you don't really see just thrown about everywhere.

Now, there have been some growing pains. For instance, I'm still debating about transferring the site over to Wordpress because I'm starting to outgrow Blogger. Additionally, I'm aiming for a goal of 1M views by the end of year. Furthermore, I have to make sure I don't post things just for the sake of posting but also continue to deliver engaging content. That's the biggest one DIY writers and the like have to deal with, in my experience: the issue of quantity versus quality. But, I give 125,000% in everything that I do, so even if it's "just another post," I come correct.

Usually, on this milestone, you'd expect a flashback through history and a top five pieces list. I like to do things differently. While five years is a big milestone, I'm not done yet. So, there's not much time to rest on my laurels and reflect about what a wild, wondrous journey it's been here at SpeedontheBeat.com

But, to my readership, to the fans and haters, and especially to those who've helped to make SOTB what it is today (from Drizzle with PA to Amanda Jay with her WeirdxBlack posts, and so on), I thank you all. You've helped the site grow, but you've also helped me grow as a person. I love you all for that. Without you, none of this would've been as big and as successful as it's been since 2012.

Here's to five, but praying we get five more. At least. Unless I just decide to say fuck it and kill the site off on a whim...which is something I'm sure won't happen anytime soon.

With much love,
Speed on the Beat

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