SOTBMusic: Who Wins - Dipset or Odd Future?

I saw this question on my timeline a while ago. "Who's the better group: Dipset or OF?" Of course, it was worded a bit less safe-for-work, but the point was still out there. And I heard both sides of things. "Odd Future birthed the creative geniuses of Frank Ocean, Internet, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler. Dipset only furthered Juelz and Cam." Inversely, you had folks saying that without Dipset, many of the groups coming out these days (OF included) wouldn't exist or exist as strongly.

Let's take a step back before I give you my answer to this question. Dipset was a movement. I was in my early-to-late teens when Dipset hit the hardest. So, truth be told, if we're going subjectively and off of nostalgia alone, I'll always pick Dipset. Folks were running around screaming "Purple City Byrd Gang" without knowing what that really meant. People were rapping along to Cam'Ron verses and Juelz verses and even Freeky Zekey verses like no other. Hell Rell had his song featured in a Fight Night game.

Dipset was huge. Their impact on the game is still felt to this day. Hell, I'd argue that many of the hard-hitting sampled tracks you hear to this day are influenced by Dipset producers like Araab Muzik, Heatmakerz, Just Blaze and even Kanye West. On top of that, everyone from the group had punchlines. They maybe all didn't have the bars of a Juelz or even a Cam, but they all had lines from time to time that'd make you cup your fist to your mouth and say "oh damn, son got 'em." Plus, you've got to take into consideration that the group literally started from the bottom and gained most of their fame (or infamy) through word-of-mouth advertising that eventually made the labels and the big wigs take notice.

But, here's the kicker when we're talking about "Dipset versus Odd Future." OF followed the Dipset blueprint to the letter (which in turn meant that both followed the Wu-Tang blueprint, which means that all three followed the prints from supergroups like BDP and on and on and on, if we're going to be 100 about it).

Supergroups were nothing new, but when those letters OFWGKTA first emerged, it was an era of "me." There were less collaborative efforts popping up. And here comes this group of rap misfits who had an ear for what was hot/what was about to be hot in the "new streets," the internet. Just like Dipset got the streets talking with their music, OF got the internet talking and the blogs talking about their music. And both groups flourished when there was that sense of collaboration. When that sense of collaboration faltered, both groups faltered and eventually tended to drift apart. Additionally, both groups have a sense of completion surrounding them. While I'd love an OF reunion or a full-out Dipset reunion, the window is seemingly getting smaller by the second. And, unlike certain groups or collectives not getting back together for whatever reason, I'm completely okay with that.

It, for me, comes down to personal preference. Which group influenced your listening more? I know it sounds like a copout, but I can't choose between the two groups because both brought and bring so much to the table in their own unique ways. Ultimately, the choice is your's.

Are you in the mood for introspective, self-deprecatory bars with a hint of abstractness or do you want street bangers about "that life?" Do you want to hear Frank Ocean croon or Cam and Jim faux sing a hook because they're all about DIY-ing things on the street tip? Do you want songs about love and lust from Syd or do you want straight gangsta fucking from Juelz on songs like "Hey Ma?" Either way, you can't lose.

Just enjoy the music that's come out of both camps over the years. That's my advice on it all.

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