New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @NellzGC - This Side

I'm a sucker for "Swing My Way" flips. That's why, when I got this submission from Baltimore artist Nellz GC, I almost instantly became a fan of the track. Dope production from Dude Clayy aside, Nellz has some bars on this one, with some punchlines like "pussy like an Uber fo' sho', take me on a ride."

I'm a fan of it, but not as big of a fan of the overly reverbed mix on it. I'm conflicted because I mess with the song, but the mixing of brother's vocals takes me out of the vibe every now and again. But, to be fair, I'm the guy who used to intentionally "no-fi" his mixes, so I'm more forgiving of this sort of DIY energy than others may be. All that aside, the vibes overtake even my qualms with the mix and everything meshes, for the most part, pretty well.

Check it out below and be on the lookout for his new EP. Remember: support dope music in all its forms, wherever it may reside.

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