New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @LupeFiasco - Kneelin' on Needles

While this one is a few days old, it still has enough flame emoji juice in it to ride for a couple more forevers and a day. Don't understand what I just said? Neither do it. That's what listening to "Kneelin' On Needles" does to you. It makes you forget what you heard from [insert artist here] and makes you pay attention to Lupe masterfully dissecting a beat to the tune of diversity, unity, and creativity (oh, and chastising Trump and shouting out Kendrick Lamar's "stretch marks" comment).

So, enough of me rambling. Go check out the track below and, if for absolutely nothing else, stay for the beat and Lupe's flow over the beat. Lupe's next effort after the "7/10" DROGAS Light, DROGAS Wave (apparently pronounced wah-vey instead of typical pronunciation), drops soon.

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