New SOTBMusic: @SpeedontheBeat - Alterations Through Altercations

It's not often I shine the SOTBMusic spotlight on myself. That's kind of surprising, considering that would be the perfect avenue for Speed circle-jerking. Hell, the site started out as me talking about my music. But, nevertheless, things evolve. That is, except our society. As much progress has been made, things are still pretty fucked up. That's where "Alterations Through Altercations" comes into play.

A track I originally recorded in 2010, under my government name, I decided to dust it off and revisit it a bit for 2017 with some somewhat lo-fi art rappy goodness, a la the Death of the King era, but still keep it as non-no-fi as possible. Politics are still fucked up, babies are still getting shot, and people are still trying to bring me over/bring me back to the Darkness. This song is here to say "hey world, we're tired of the bullshit. Let's band together and do something about it--and not in the 'let's just talk about it' sort of way, either."

So, check it out above. Hell, even buy a copy if you rock with it. All I'm saying is that we've got to say no mas (had to) to fuckery from our society. I mean, there's only but so much shit you can shovel before you realize that there's a better way to get by.

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