New SOTBMusic: @JOHNGBEATS - Unreleased Beat Tape

Click album art for project. Trust me, the extra click is worth it.

We've got a bit of a premiere today. JohnG Beats hit my inbox with this tape, a collection of beats circa October 2012, that captures the essence of a young producer just trying to get his work out there. This "Unreleased" collection of beats is just smooth as...something smooth. The theme behind the project, per John, is coming from "the perspective of a young producer [JohnG], trying to make a living off his talent, which is creating monumental beats. With him having a difficult time making a penny off his work, he decides to take a risk and go to NYC to try and get a production deal from record execs to try and turn his and his families life around."

You can feel that "just gotta make it" emotion through each one of these beats. And, the happy ending of the story is this: JohnG has found placement with artists such as Chaz French, Jay IDK, and The Underachievers. So, this goes to show that hard work does still pay off. Check out the project above.

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