WIRTB Review: Hangin With Mr. Cooper

This one will be short and sweet. Now, I may be taking a page out of True's book for a second. However, to understand where I've been, we've got to talk about a Black sitcom that fell under a lot of radars, but still managed to be pretty funny.

The 1990s sitcom Hangin With Mr. Cooper was as '90s as you could get at times. From the above theme song sung by En Vogue to the fact that Raven-Symone popped up in later seasons, therefore keeping her curse on successful sitcoms alive to the fact that there was a brief Full House crossover (below), Hangin With Mr. Cooper was, in short, not all that bad. 

Was it a classic series? Eh, not exactly. Many of its laughs came from tried-and-true scenarios (such as the "will they, won't they" dynamic of Mark Curry and Holly Robinson-Peete and cute kids interacting with each other while being "wise beyond their years"). Additionally, the series didn't have many memorable episodes to make it classic. In fact, many episodes kind of just existed.

Now, was it corny to see Mark Curry play a b-baller-turned-teacher and interact with Omar Gooding (who seems to never age) and Nell Carter? Was it corny to see bruhman be roommates with two beautiful women? Was it corny to have some of the storylines they did with Raven's character? At times, yes. The series felt like "Black Three's Company" more often than not. Shows with a "will they won't they" chemistry and roommates are doomed to that comparison. Additionally, like Three's Company, some of the cast got replaced midway through the show. However, the cheesiness gave way to some heartfelt moment, such as its intended series finale.

Now, I'll be honest. It could be because I grew up watching the series and applauding it for being a sitcom with people who looked like me. As a kid, that was important to me and I usually gravitated to shows that had Black people in them. However, I also grew up with Moesha and I'm still on the fence about it (mainly because Mo came off as too damn whiny most of the time). Simply put, I don't feel that my nostalgia shades fully cloud my judgment of this series.

But, whatever the case may be, go ahead and check out this forgotten '90s sitcom and laugh at its cheese.

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