SOTBMusic: Some Thoughts on @NickiMinaj's No Frauds

Although Remy Ma shethered Nicki Minaj, the Young Money rapper recently dropped a three-pack of songs. One of those songs, "No Frauds," features some bars aimed somewhat indirectly at Remy (Nicki didn't say a name and alluded to it all being about Remy). Overall? The track is cool, but it's a bit puzzling why Nicki decided to try and drop a hit versus just trying to flame Remy in the same manner she got flamed.

Now, I get it. "Sales > BARS" for a lot of folks. And, sales do matter...but bars do too. Nicki's bars were, to me, kind of average. Her punchlines were just okay. Also, the fact that she had Drake and Wayne on the track dilutes her bars' impact. Again, it's a cool track, but it's not one that I feel puts any nails in the coffin. But, again, it's a catchy in that regard, Nicki caught a mini-W. I'm still waiting for Remy's response, because we all know Remy isn't gonna take this sitting down.

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