New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @Alex_Wiley x @ChancetheRapper x @itsthecons x @chuckisdope x @GLCTHEISM - Spaceship III

This is a slightly older track (by a few days). But, when you get two-thirds of the original "Spaceship" on a track with Chance and Chuck Inglish? I believe it's safe to say Alex Wiley won the internet when this one dropped.

Lyrically? It's on point and evolves the concept of Kanye's original College Dropout cut. Production-wise? It feels like a harder version of "Spaceship," capturing the "just gotta make it" feeling of the original and mixes it with a more wrenching soul sample. My favorite verse on here belongs to Chance, as he pulls out his sing-song bars to further his angst about the way things are going. However, the track isn't just doom, gloom, and fucking the manager up/shortening the register up.

There's a sense of optimism missing within the original. Perhaps that's because you've got Chance on it. I'm not sure why it is that way, but this is a perfect little brother to the Kanye West classic.

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