New SOTBMusic: @thejuelzsantana x @jimjonesCAPO x @Migos - D-Up

What do you get when you mix Migos and parts of Dipset? You get a hype track that blends the Migos flow with Dipset bars, simple as that. While it would've been great to hear Cam spit a verse on this one, we're not at that point just yet. However, there's always room for a remix. Back to "D-Up," it has enough diversity within it that each artist is allowed to be themselves versus everyone just blending into one pot of meh.

The track is, at points, taken over by Migos. It's the type of track we're used to hearing them on. They're more at home on it than Juelz and Jim. That's not to say that Juelz and Jim didn't hold their own. They definitely do, as they tend to on every track they hop on. But, this track feels more like a collective passing of the torch from one legendary group to another potentially legendary group in the making. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms...even when it goes into literal "dope music."

Article originally had song erroneously titled "D's Up." We apologize for any confusion this may've caused.

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