New SOTBMusic: @RickyRozay - Rather You Than Me

You're probably expecting me to get out here and drop a mega-review on Rather You Than Me. I probably should. But, I'm not some mega-power with twenty heads here to write stuff for me. That said, things sometimes will slip through the cracks, even mega releases like RYTM.

So, instead of a mega-review, here are some thoughts on the project. I will say that the beats go in and it's one of Ross' most consistent albums. And those bars on "Idols Become Rivals" were pretty scathing. Additionally, Ross' group of guest stars here don't outshine him and instead complement his bars and his themes.

Overall? It's not his best project, but it's close. The further Ross moves away from just being the "M-M-M-M-Maybach Music guy," the better we get to see that the man has lyrical prowess. He's not going to get out here and drop bars on top of bars on every rapper alive. But, he can throw some lyrics together and have them make a load of sense (and can hit you with some gut punches with the best of them).

But, is it his best album? Nah. To me, that's probably GFID. But, that's more so because the production on that project, for me, trumps the production en masse on RYTM. Lyrically, Ross has been on point between 2012 and now (and isn't having as many weird, rape culture-friendly lines in his music, so plus for that). But, there's just something about GFID that grabbed me more than RYTM. However, RYTM is still listen-worthy. And it's got some tracks that are going to buzz throughout the year. So, here's the stream for Rather You Than Me. Go check it out if you're into Ross like that.

If you're not, you'll at least stay for the beats and the Birdman diss.

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