New SOTBMusic: @Loveat1stSound - Please Listen To My Demo

I'm a fan of people living through the indie struggle. I mean, when I was rapping as a lo-fi rapper, I dealt with it a lot. Passing out demos to folks, performing at open mics trying to get the sound out, DMing everyone to say "hey. I know you get a lot of ish, but please listen to mine." I've seen and lived it all, and I've got to say: I became a lot more appreciative of so-called "Soundcloud rappers" in the process. With that in mind, and my love of the indie rap scene, I got this one in my email last night from Love at First Sound.

He details giving out his demos to bigger artists and bears his soul on this one. I love the soulful instrumental and the realness LaFS presents on it. So, if you're looking for something that's real and honest and has a pretty soulful beat to back it up? You could do a lot worse than this one. Hell, the realness on it elevates it past a typical "I'm out grinding. Lemme get on" sort of track.

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