New SOTBMusic: @JIDsv - The Never Story

Today has seen some pretty sweet jams come out (and a few meh moments). But, J.I.D.'s debut, The Never Story, falls into the category of pretty sweet tuneage. The recent Dreamville signee comes correct on this one. 

Featuring tracks like "D/vision" (featured on SOTB earlier this month), "EdEddnEddy," the boombap/jazz rap-heavy "Somebody," and the 6LACK-aided "8701," this is a rare debut in some ways. It lives up to the hype that came with J.I.D. getting signed by Dreamville, but still gives us a glimpse as to what's to come for the artist. Bars on top of bars on timely instrumentals that still feel timeless in some ways (mainly because of their ride-heavy feel). Check it out below and support dope music whenever and wherever it resides.

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  1. Shirley NicholsonMay 29, 2018 at 7:32 AM

    I use Spotify for where I post playlists that I found interesting. It's sort of a way of blogging for me.