New SOTBMusic: @Jay_IDK - Blame My Friends (The Gang)

New Jay IDK for your listening pleasure and whatnot.

It's crazy to think that this brother blew up as much as he has. Not because he didn't have bars or anything (we discussed his plethora of bars in our interview back in 2014), but it's still crazy to see him getting cosigns by bigger heads after I listened to dude since "Shotty Mouth."

Now, "Blame My Friends (The Gang)" is a piano-heavy track that's celebratory of something simple: Jay's crew. It takes the themes of his previous albums and continues them in this trap-esque production. Overall, I've been a fan of Jay for a minute and that won't stop with this one. It's solid and catchy with some dope bars sprinkled throughout. Honestly, what else could you ask for?

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