New SOTBMusic: @CoreyLee610 - A Shot in the Dark

Philadelphia artist Corey Lee dropped this one in my email a few days back. A Shot in the Dark features the 27-year-old rapper switching flows like boxers, creating a "day in the life" sort of feel. With the project, you get to see who Corey is as a person and as an artist. We go from dance-able tracks like "Carlton Banks" to "I've seen the struggle" bars on top of bars in songs like the intro to loverman raps in songs like "Raphael De La Ghetto." Describing the album as a display of "what a person could do when given an opportunity," Shot shines the most when it displays Lee's versatility.

Featuring production from the likes of YUNG TREL, Cousin Vinny, and Mars Blackman, the project slaps. There's no doubt about that. He's got bars, he knows how to make a catchy song, and he does so in a way that seems slightly effortless. All in all, Shot's an enjoyable project that I recommend you check out ASAP.

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