New SOTBMusic: @CharlieSleezy - Too Much Juice

SOTB favorite Charlie Too Much and Sleezy Bundles team up again as "hip-hop's Kenan and Kel." The track, featuring Chuck Kennedy's production (just as their previous collab), is a fun, airy track about, well, having too much juice in a game where not too many folks have "the juice." Sleezy's spoken segments are a definite highlight as they hammer home the points. Overall, the track is pretty solid for the energy they're going for (chill turn-up about being on top of their ish). The only thing I would've wished for is some (more) back and forth between the two, if only to properly set off the point of being "hip-hop's Kenan and Kel." 

Nevertheless, check the track out below and support dope music wherever it may reside.

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