Steve Smith is Now an NFL Network Analyst

Photo Credit: USA Today

Rejoice, Ravens fans. Why? Well, it looks like Agent 89 is 10000000% for reals about enjoying the crap out of his retirement. Per the NFL Network, he's going to be their newest analyst. So, for those who love his brash style of trash talk and analysis, it'll be great to see how he translates that into a "suit & tie" position with the NFL Network. Overall, it looks like a solid move, because we all know Smith loves to talk (not a bad thing).

Giving him a platform to talk and analyze what's what is only right, if we're being real. Now, yes, not all footballers can translate their awesome on-the-field tactics and moves to an analyst position. But, Steve Smith, given his penchant for talking and being "all the way real," seems to be primed to be one that can--and will. Best of luck, Steve, from the family.

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