New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @liza_waz - February 29 [EP Stream]

I'm a bit late to the party on this new EP from Toronto native Liza (pronounced "Lee-za," per her social media accounts). But, better late than never at all. This one is full of those baby-making vibes, but doesn't get bogged down in just being sexy. If you've never heard anything from Liza before, first slap yourself. Then, after the sting goes away, check this one out.

If you're a fan, you're probably already in the know and don't need me talking her up, but I'll do so anyway. Her voice is beautiful, her subject matter mature but still easily-accessible, and again, her voice is beautiful. The production's no slouch, either. So, check out February 29 below. Anyone who tells you that "real" R&B is dead, show them voices like hers and tell them STFU.

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