New SOTBMusic: @LupeFiasco - DROGAS Light

I told you yesterday that I'm not doing a real review for DROGAS Light. Just go buy the album or stream it. Either way, you need this album in your lives. It's like Lupe took the concept of "Dumb It Down," added in some TPAB-like messages and imagery, mixed in some trap sensibilities, got "lit AF," freestyled some tracks, and just had fun and let the tracks fall wherever they may. And that's still not fully telling you where the album is at, mentally. So, in lieu of a full album review (because I know you came here to hear something besides "buy the damn album"), I'll just give you my thoughts on the project.

It's a mix of a lot of different styles and, as Lupe said, it's a lot more "light" than some people are used to hearing Lupe.

He seems a lot more "at peace" than he's seemed on some of his other projects (LASERS, for instance). It's as if zero fucks are given about sales or any of that. And that's a beautiful-ass thing/level to be on. Because of that, we're given one of the most free Lupe albums we've heard in years.

Keep in mind, Tetsuo and Youth is still a GOAT album, though, even with the Atlantic "constraints." But, it's not DROGAS Light in terms of its freedom. The man has a song with Ty Dolla $ign and Victoria Monet that has a chorus that includes the line "astronauts and're like satellites for strippers" and a song with Gizzle about intergalactic pimping, trapping, and rapping.

Just my opinion, of course. I still play F&L and his early mixtapes, so that's how deep my love for what Lupe's done musically goes. Plus, and I'm gonna let my fanboy flag fly high here, he's got a song with Big K.R.I.T. (and Rozay, but KRIZZLE!!!!) that's preaching peace and love while still going in mentally. What the hell else do you need? I mean, besides a K.R.I.T./Lupe collabo album.

So, as I tend to say, I'm gonna just shut up and let the music speak.

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