New SOTBMusic: @KanyeWest x @THEKINGDREAM - Bed (Yeezy Season 5)

A little known fact about Speed on the Beat. I've always had a soft spot for J. Holliday's first LP. Because of this, when I heard Kanye West and The-Dream decided to Yeezy up "Bed," I was like "sign me TF up." And, let me tell you, it doesn't disappoint. It's like if "Ultralight Beams" met the mid-2000s and had a baby that was born within that 18-34 demographic and was sexually awaken.

This thing is...beautiful, sexy, sensual, and all of the other descriptors you could think of. On top of that, the production on it makes the song feel regal and ethereal--like something you shouldn't experience by yourself. So, check it out, find yourself a nice shawty/bae/FWB to cozy up with, and put each other to bed (even though it's only 10 in the morning as I'm writing this). Now, if only we get Kanye pulling out all the stops with his next projects, I'll be a happy listener.

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