New SOTBMusic: @ChampagneDuane - The Campaign (Prod. @CeeGoodsSmacks)

Fully produced by Cee Goods, The Campaign is a soundtrack to the current social and political climate from leadership to gun violence to equality. Timing is everything, and this album couldn't be coming at a more important moment in this country. Much like American society, most will agree with the ideals on the album, some will be shocked by some concepts, while for others it will have an awakening impression. Production from Cee Goods does not disappoint as it has pushed Duane to be more insightful, informed and innovative.

The Campaign will spark some real conversation, especially with tracks like "Gun Control" and "Enough," both tracks utilizing Barack Obama vocal samples. The production on this one also allows Duane to just spaz mentally and give us some real talk, something that's sometimes missing in music these days. If you want something that's honest (brutally so) and authentically revolutionary, The Campaign is the album you need to hear.

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