New SOTBMusic: @6BRiXXX - "Devil's Kids" (feat. daveology.)

Now, you know if I post on the weekends, it has to be some dopeness afoot. H/T to Justice over at TheDemoTape (check them out ASAPtual) for introducing me to this one from Baltimore native Chris Cassius. Have you ever met a person who's been able to suck your soul out through just looking at you and you're left pretty much feeling like you're gonna die for them, like you're possessed by their love and/or loving?

Well, that's what "Devil's Kids" discusses, a dark and twisty love that starts out like a fuck and ends up with you doing lots of crazy, bad-ass things for this person. Chris and daveology. give us a banger over Kasino production on a subject that, in the wrong light, can be seen as devoting oneself to Satan from Pussy Power, for real for real (and we at don't really subscribe to that sort of thing). Check out "Devil's Kids" below and be on the lookout for Chris' upcoming GOATFACEKILLA project and daveology.'s Little Mermaid on Feb. 23rd.

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