Should The Orioles Bring Back Matt Wieters

The game of baseball is one that is convoluted, seemingly by design at time. It's a simple past time, but difficult in fully understanding what makes baseball baseball for those who aren't playing it (read: executives, FO folks, statisticians, etc). Case in point: Matt Wieters.

Now, Wieters isn't a bad player by any stretch of the imagination. He's not the Piazza Junior many Orioles faithful envisioned him to be, but he's not Charles Johnson in his later years, either. To sum it up, he's a decent backstop with a little bit of pop in his bat. While he's not going to break any records, he's mostly a reliable player.

So, why's Wieters still without a job? Better yet, should the Orioles really entertain bringing him back? 

To start, we've got to be honest with ourselves. Wieters, while great and a leader and all that, he's been slightly overvalued by the Orioles fanbase. Because of that, his perceived and actual values are a bit...different from one another. Many perceive that Wieters still has very valuable tools, but no one is seemingly ready to take the chance on a slightly-injury prone, somewhat below average at the plate catcher...even if his backstop skills are still on par with what's expected. 

Say it like that and there's no real surprise why Wieters hasn't been able to commandeer big bucks on a multi-year contract. Say it like that again, and it's also no surprise that people aren't beating down the door to sign him at all. He's been viewed as a lot of teams' second--or third--option. His hometown Braves looked to give him a flier, then they signed Kurt Suzuki. The National and Angels are interesting options. But, one has to feel that, if they were truly interested as much as some pundits have them, they would've shot their shot like a Twitter boy on a thirst trap. And I don't see Matt saying "boi bye" to anyone yet. So...yeah, there's that.

That's not to say Wieters has entered into the Land of Suck or anything. It's just truths. He's just a solid catcher at this point in his career and, in the 2016/7 Free Agent market, solid isn't good enough to warrant a huge deal. That is, unless you're a relief pitcher...but that's another point entirely. So, should there be a reunion of any sort between Birdland and Wieters at this point?


The Orioles have seemingly moved on from Wieters and I can't see them justifying signing him to a big contract to be a part-time catcher. But, I also thought that Chris Davis and Mark Trumbo would eventually walk. So, I've been wrong before. Here, though? The Orioles have Welington Castillo all but inked in as their starting catcher, and they've got Chance Sisco waiting in the wings. Unless they can convince Wieters that he's best used as a platoon-caliber backup backstop (and can convince the Scott Boras client to take a pay cut), don't expect Wieters back in a Birds cap in 2017. 

But, then again...stranger things have happened. Edwin Encarnacion seemingly got "lowballed" on his deal with Cleveland and regular-old relief pitchers have been seeing $10+ million/year contracts. 2016/7 has taught us one thing: don't count ANYTHING out, regardless how implausible it may be.

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