New (To Me) SOTBMusic: @Jay_IDK - "Hello Pt 2"

Now, I've been following Jay's work since the "Shotty Mouth" days when he was still trying to find his sound. In my interview with him from 2014, the HXLY TRiBE leader made mention that he was aiming to change the game and change the way that folks looked at DMV music. So, any new Jay IDK is good Jay IDK in a lot of ways. Today, I finally got the chance to peep his "Famous" freeverse/freestyle in which he just...snaps.

Fresh off The Empty Bank, Jay's second album, he just goes in on a variety of topics, ranging from the DMV scene to the rise and fall of "Soundcloud Rappers" to industry politics. And, never the one to bite his tongue, the energy isn't lost at all on this one. Check it out below and go peep The Empty Bank while you're at it.

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