New SOTBMusic: @Wale - "Smile" (feat. Phil Ade)

Wale with some new positivity for 2017. "Smile," featuring Phil Ade, is Wale's second track of the day (the first was "Running Back" featuring Lil' Wayne) and has some real feel-good vibes and uplifting messages. In these trying times, we really do need some reasons to smile--even if it's fleeting. Why? Because the next generation learns from us. If we can smile through the craziness, they'll be better for it. As a parent, you've just gotta trust me on that. So, check out "Smile" below and watch Folarin do his gotdamn thing. SHINE is slated for release later this year and, if it's got stuff like this on it, I'm looking forward to the vibes he's coming with.

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