New SOTBMusic: @TheJuelzSantana - "Drake Voice"

Juelz kinda pulled a Jay Z and/or Cassidy on this one, taking a hot line from one artist and turned it into a hot song for his damn self. The Jahlil Beats-produced "Drake Voice" samples (obviously) Drake's Juelz shoutout from "Hype" and turns it into a similar slow burner of an anthem. 

It's great to hear Santana, who was one of my favorite early 2000s rappers, coming back as fire as he has been recently. Out to get that "Jerry Heller money," Santana's taking no prisoners on this one. Other artists from other eras need to take notes from the likes of Redman, Jada, Santana, Banks, etc. Go hard on the beats and don't just rely on beef and bullshit to get over. But now? We need a new Santana album/mixtape/project, since he's got a pretty sick wave going right now.

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